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Blink Book Vol. 1

Blink Book Vol. 1

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Blink Book Vol. 1 is a collection of 5 luscious styles of Mink lashes. 3 Styles that Blink Squad knows and loves and introducing 2 NEW full & fluffy pairs of minks 😏.

These books make the perfect addition to your lash collection. They're travel friendly and make great gifts! You have a variety to choose from, so you can fit the perfect lash for your mood or to complete your look! 

1st Lash: Beeatrix (16mm/Medium length) 

2nd Lash: Prissy (16mm/short length) 

3rd Lash:  Vixen (25mm/long length) 

NEW 4th Lash: Honey (25mm/long length) 

NEW 5th Lash: Jade (25mm/long length)

HOW TO CLEAN HONEY BLINKS LASHES: Use a lash spoolie (one comes with every order), my Wishy Washy Lash Shampoo or Micellar water. Gently brush make up and dirt from lashes, rinse off, place on a paper towel to dry and BOOM! You ready to step out 

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