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Diamond Studded Glue Pen

Diamond Studded Glue Pen

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Apply lashes Honey Blinks Lashes MESS FREE! These diamond studded glue pens, don't just look good when you hold them, they make getting ready just that much easier! 

Easy to use fine tip for smooth & clean application and no dry time. Great for on the go or if you're creating multiple looks for a Tik Tok or Instagram post! 

The glue pens are great for anyone who is sensitive to the liquid lash glue. What I like best about the pens are they DO NOT harm your natural lashes. You can easily remove your Honey Blinks lashes in seconds and your natural lashes will still flourush! 

2 Colors: Bronze and Silver 

Shapes: Cylinder and Oval

*You can use my Wishy Washy Lash Shampoo or a facial cleanser to remove any remaining glue 

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